The Holocaust is a subject that is close and important to our hearts - as a second generation to Holocaust survivors, and with great love to everyone - we decided to open the first store in the world - fashion products as a memory - we chose to create shirts and household products, and exorcism - to tell the horrors of the world in 1939-1945 - We chose to call our shop 1945 story - because this year the atrocities ended, and the light came a little to the world, the Nazis lost the war! And the whole world was shocked by the terrible horrors of that terrible war years.
The Holocaust is a serious and important issue - there is no desire to create laughter or a joke from this period.
We know there will be people who will have a very difficult experience of watching our store - we ask in advance for forgiveness if there are populations that will hurt the products sold in the store story.
We see this store as an important platform for Holocaust remembrance and access to the entire world!
Therefore, some of the money will be devoted to Holocaust commemoration.

1945 This story is not just a store! This is a small virtual museum that tells the story of the Holocaust, as well as the beautiful moments that were in the Holocaust.

We will be happy to receive material comments from photos and videos from that period. We would be happy to bring testimonies from Holocaust survivors here, as well as stories to our blog.

This store is not just a store for sales! This is a global international telephoto for the commemoration of the Holocaust. With an emphasis on 1945.

Let us hope for a better and better world

  1945 administration

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